Little Culture Insight on Spain, Philippines, and Brazil

Kaitlynn Branco, Staff Reporter

Here at Woodcreek we are about to have a Festival to celebrate different students backgrounds and cultures. As a little precursor of that here are three countries from around the world.


Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It neighbors France and Portugal and its capital is Madrid. Spain is heavily Catholic and is governed as a monarchy. An important holiday in Spain’s culture is All Saint’s Day also known as Hallowmas or All Hallow’’s day on November 1st.  All Saint’s day is a day to honor the saint’s by leaving flowers and lighting candles at the graves of the deceased.


The Philippians are a group of islands in Southeast Asia located south of Taiwan. More than 86% of their people are Roman Catholic and they are governed as a Republic. On January 9th Filipinos celebrate the Festival of the Black Nazarene by taking down a statue in Minor Basically and marching it back to Quiapo. This is to represent when Jesus’s skin turned dark after surviving a burning ship and arriving in the Philippines. 


Located on the eastern part of South America is the large country of Brazil. Brazil is neighbored by almost every country in South America except Chile and Ecuador. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. Brazil has the largest number a Catholic’s in the world and has a Federal Republic government. Tiradentes Day on April 21st is an important holiday in Brazil. The holiday celebrates the execution of Joaquin Jose da Silva Xavier, a Spanish revolutionary who helped gain independence from Portugal.