Turkey vs. Kurd’s: Battle for Territory

Kaitlynn Branco , Staff Reporter

The Kurd’s are a small ethnic group native to a mountain region in Western Asia. Their population is 35-45 million and they mostly live in the countries Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Present day Kurd’s live in a ‘safe zone’ in Syria protected by Kurdish forces and US troops. On October 6th, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the American troops to withdraw from the area. On October 9th, Turkish troops and Syrian rebels started ‘Operation Peace Spring’ and moved to ‘neutralize terror threats against Turkey’. The Syrian Observatory for Human Right says about 606 people were killed between the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), Syrian rebels, Syrian forces, Turkish troops, and civilians. On October 17 the U.S. persuaded the Turkish President (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) to seize the Turkish offensive for five days to withdraw the YPG (People Protection Unit). During this pause in the fighting the Russian and Turkish President ended the defensive with the following agreements: Turkish forces could keep the land gained, Russian and Syria troops would take control of the rest of the area, and joint patrols of Russian and Syrian troops would patrol the border.