Malawi Women Are Denied Education Due to Their Gender

Nadia Ansari, Editor In Chief

Many of us complain about school being “too hard¨ or ¨ boring¨. But for some people, a public high school and college education is not possible. Many women  around the world, don’t even have the appropriate high school reading level.


In Malawi, Africa, the gender gap put women in a place where instead of putting girls in school at a young age, their daily schedule is described as being “up early in the morning, cleaning and cooking, eating last, marrying young¨. The Africa Renewal  provides evidence that in recent years the gender gap might have changed, but women are still seen as lesser than men and have little to no support to proceed with a high school or college education. Even in the United States, some form of technical education or four year college education is required to enter the workforce.


There are many ways to take action to fix this issue, as this is not the only country dealing with this problem. The country’s economy can be to blame as well. ¨In 2010, the United States spent 7.3 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on education, while the 6.3 percent average of the other countries¨(CBS News). Every single country has their own right to choose where the money in their budget goes. Thus, the United Nations has been taking on multiple matters, one of which working with many organizations that can show this is not an issue that should be blown over. Another obstacle that is common for many girls in Africa is poverty. Poverty and trafficking are common in all of Africa, making the effort to achieve an education harder than normal for an average student living in other countries, like Great Britain or the United States for example.


If the United Nations takes action for the trafficking problem and consider a plan for poverty housing, they will fix the educational gap issue not only in Malawi, but in all of Africa. That is the only realistic way to help fix the education gap. Now, to fix the issue of women not getting the proper education unlike their male counterparts, we need to teach both men and women that we are all the same and we all deserve the same rights. Above all, everyone needs an education.