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How Much Money Does the World Spend on Military?

Rachel Lewis, Staff Reporter

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If someone asked what your guess is for the world’s largest employer, what would you say? You might mention a large fast food franchise, such as McDonalds, or a well known department store chain like Walmart, but the world’s top employer actually  is not either of those, a restaurant chain, a department store franchise, or a popular clothing brand. The world’s largest employer, as of 2015, is the United States Department of Defense.

The United States Department of Defense, which includes the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and employed civilians, had a remarkable 2.86 million employees in 2015, and that number hasn’t gotten any smaller. Although it’s only almost one percent of the population of the US, that many employees is still a lot of people. It’s a lot to keep track of, and a lot to pay. The United States Department of Defense also does not have a product to sell, so it may not occur to everyone that along with the service given by countless people, copious amounts of money go into keeping America safe.

The amount of money they have is huge. Equipment is expensive; wages are expensive. And thinking on a worldwide scale, the US is definitely not the only country with military related expenses. In 2016 alone, South Korea spent an estimated 36.8 billion US dollars on military, France spent 55.7 billion US dollars, Russia spent 69.2 billion US dollars, and China spent a very large 215 billion US dollars on military. However, the US spent more than the next seven top spending countries- combined. The US spent 611 billion US dollars in 2016, and in doing so, won the (not coveted) title of top spending country in military expenditures, and did so by a landslide.

This is important because in that year, the entirety of world military expenses totaled up to more than 1.6 trillion dollars. It’s easy to say that the money would’ve been better spent on other things, such as solving the problem of world hunger, or finding a cure for cancer, but military is important, right? It keeps our country safe. The only sad part is that if no place in the world had military, most likely, it would not be needed at all.





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How Much Money Does the World Spend on Military?