Mac Miller Dead at 26 Due to Overdose

Nadia Ansari, Editor

On September 7th, 2018, rap artist Mac Miller, legal name Malcolm McCormick, was Found in his home in his San Fernando Valley home, after a 911 call made by a friend. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead upon police and paramedic arrival.

As TMZ also states; Miller had also dealt with substance abuse, some thing that began the ending of the relationship with previous girlfriend and pop artist Ariana Grande . In May, Miller wrecked his G-Wagon by wrapping it around a utility pole. He was arrested for a DUI and a hit and run. Police and Miller said be blew two times the legal limit.

Miller’s most recent album, Swimming, was released on August 3rd, 2018. He was supposed to go on tour next month as well. As this story still develops, Tour has been cancelled due to his death and many celebrities have turned to social media to mourn the loss of a very talented artist. Big Sean, for example, stated in a Instagram post : “ Not sure what to easy bro! You’re energy was bright and infectious! I appreciate your voice and your heart bro…”  And Sean explained more on how Miller went to his first ever Pittsburgh performance.

Miller had also been receiving very positive reviews on his new album, and was making lots of album sales.


You can check out his recent album, Swimming on Spotify, Amazon, and any other Music Streaming app.