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Blood Drive 2017 Success

Cassandra Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

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Every 6 months, Blood Source buses come rolling in for the chance for students to donate 1 pint of blood. The whole idea can sound scary and nauseating of the image of nettle taking your blood, but if you have the courage to step and move past the fear and make it it to the signup sheet then your courage saves a lot of lives. But don’t feel awful about not being able to donate due to qualities you can’t control, having the desire to even try to donate in itself is courageous. This year I was unable to donate my pint due to my last blood test last year that didn’t contain enough iron in it. But many other Woodcreek students sacrificed class time to donate their healthy blood to Blood Source to save other who need it for transfusion. No worries though the Blood Source buses will return again on April 20, 2018 for all students who choose to come and donate their pint of blood.  

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Blood Drive 2017 Success