Diss track attack

Nadia Ansari, Staff Reporter

In the music industry , celebrity rivalries and diss tracks tend to be more common than we think. For example, Taylor Swift writes about her exes and Jay Z and Nas’ infamous beef. However, this month’s diss tracks being dropped by Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, this will probably go down as the most famous sets of diss tracks in history .

Let’s recap: In 2006, Remy Ma released her first official rap album that hit the charts. It was called  There’s Something About Remy: Based On a True Story. This album later got nominated for a grammy and Remy Ma became more popular.

That was until Nicki Minaj came along and slayed with Super Bass  in 2010. Since then, the lights have been shining on Nicki, leaving Remy in the shadows after being sent to prison in  2008 for assaulting a friend She was released in 2014 . During that time Nicki became more popular and officially became the queen of rap.

In 2016, Remy Ma released a song called Wait a Minute (Remix), and many rap fans believe those lyrics were meant to call out Nicki, but Remy never confronted the issue. You would think the story would be over, but in early February of 2017, Remy Ma released Shether, the ultimate diss track on Nicki in which Remy called her out on her implants and being called the rap queen.

Many people like myself know that Nikki could totally screw this up and lash out, but as of right now, she is handling the situation very well. A few hours after Shether was released, Nicki posted a video on her instagram of Beyonce saluting to Nicki as the “Rap Queen”.

Now, social media is blowing up over the feud and we can only wait in anticipation until their next move. Who’s side are you on, Remy or Nicki?