A Homecoming dinner

Cedona Carlson, Newbie Reporter

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Homecoming is here! Time to make plans! Dinner plans! Oh, you have not made plans yet? Here’s an article to help, you are welcome in advance.

Fast food. Casual, yet not exactly the ‘homecoming type” dinner. Taco Bell, In n Out, Chickfila, and McDonalds. When you are choosing where to eat before a dance, think about how you will feel two hours after you eat.

“My friends an I are going to Olive Garden, but it’s so expensive to eat there,” says Bella Jacome. Price isn’t everything, it is homecoming, and homecoming is only once a year. Spend some money and have fun!

But if you really can not spend a lot of money, here are some ideas.

The Habit Burger. Rated number 15th best place to eat in Roseville, not super expensive, and not too unhealthy.

Daphne’s Greek Cafe. Amazing (and healthy) Greek food that takes no more than 10 minutes to make, so you can get to the dance on time. Daphne’s is rated the number one Greek restaurant in Roseville on Tripadvisor.

Looking for a more formal restaurant but still in your price range? Buca di Beppo has amazing Italian food and everything inside the restaurant is so original and creative! The prices of dinner are usually $10-$20. Buca di Beppo is ranked number 37 for best places to eat in Roseville

If you are in the mood for mexican food, Jalisco Grill is the place to go. It is fast and delicious, and somewhat closer to our school. It is also the third highest ranked mexican restaurant in Roseville.

And if you absolutely can not find anywhere to eat in the whole city, you can always just eat at home with your friends. Order a pizza and watch Youtube until it is time to go to the dance. Homecoming does not have to be fancy.

Of course, there are more places to eat in Roseville, but these are the ones that were suggested and highly rated. There is nothing wrong with the common fast food, these ideas are meant to expand your palate and help you to have the best night you possibly can this Saturday.

Happy Homecoming!


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