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Living to 100

Madison Bozzo

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We have awed over the few people who achieved living past one hundred years old. Each time their story makes it into the paper, we wonder how they can live such a long, healthy life. However, leafy greens and plenty of sleep, although important, might not be the only reason for their numerous birthdays.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, it is important for everyone to watch what they eat. Changing a diet does not mean food restrictions, but moreover making “more broad-based changes, such as cutting back on meat; eating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains; and striking a healthy balance between calories in and calories out.” An easy way to put this into practice is by aiming for five to nine servings of vegetables or fruits a day. This can be done by eating vegetable soups or salads, dried fruit as snacks, or even sprinkling fruit on breakfast cereals. Vegetables can be a great substitute for many bases of meals. Zucchini or Butternut squash noodles can be used in many dishes, along with Cauliflower for rice and pizza crusts. Whole grains are also important, so foods like corn, rice, and oatmeal can contribute to a longer life. Of course, just like any food, these bring calories. To burn these calories, we can go on runs, join a sports team, or even do some yoga.

It may seem that the key to unlocking a long life is perfecting healthy eating habits, but those who have actually lived to one hundred say otherwise. One hundred three year old Paul Marcus told Denver Post, “Try not to eat anything that’s healthy. It’s true. I eat whatever I want. The secret to longevity is ice cream.” Maybe he is right, the answer could very well be ice cream. Gertrude Weaver supports us with more evidence when she notes to TIME magazine that her reasoning of still living at 116 is treating “people right and [being] nice to other people the way you want them to be nice to you.” Emotional health also has a great influence on how long someone may live. Whether treating others with kindness makes them happy, or eating ice cream, their emotional health is benefitting.  

A longer life is often sought after. However, the goal is not to live the longest, but rather to experience joy and happiness within our years. In order to accomplish this, we can be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle of a physical and emotional balance. There is always some room in our diets for a little ice cream and time in our life for kindness.

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Madison Bozzo, Director Of Photography For GMW/ Editor-In-Cheif For WPP

“Examine our every action through the lens of how we would feel if it were to become front page news.”
—John Mackey

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Living to 100