The great debate is alive at Woodcreek

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The great debate is alive at Woodcreek

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Many people say they would be good at debating because they are good at arguments. That is definitely not the case. Debating is more than just argument it is thinking on your feet under pressure and a time block.

Being able to answer questions from your opponent and come up with logical explanations right on the spot.

The speech and debate team are much more than friends they are family. The kids on the team have been together for most of high school, and depend and rely on each other for help, encouragement, and support.  

Here at Woodcreek we have an outstanding debate team. Coach and teacher Melissa Elko has led this team through many years of victory.

The team has already won around one hundred trophies, and they are only about a third into the season. Many novice students have made it to finals as well as varsity.

This team is very well in advocacy speeches. This last week they attended a tournament at antelope high school, and took home first place in eight of their rounds.  

Student Ashley Pauline who has been on the team for two years says, “ This has definitely taught me some good writing skills, and I am not as scared to speak in front of the class anymore. “

There is also a Speech and Debate elective class that you can take. I am apart of that class and you would do three different forms of speeches, and you would do two debates. With all this said I know what you are thinking, this sounds so hard, or I would never take this because of the amount of workload.

This class is an excellent class, and I recommend that you take it. It not only teaches you life skills, but also teaches you how to get your way with your parents, and make one great argument. Many students agree that it also teaches you interview skills.

“Honestly we are all just a giant family. We get along so well and whether Mrs. Elko wants to admit it or not she is a giant teddy bear. “. says Mckenzie Angelica who has been a member for three years.

The Speech and Debate team has a big family aspect. Everyone on the team is always depending on each other and trusting each other to get things done whether it is in a public forum debate or asking a teammate to help you write cross questions. If you have ever had an interest in this then don’t be afraid to go out and try!


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