A call to all OneWoodcreek readers

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

Hello! If you’re reading this, then it means the headline was catchy enough. That’s great, that’s great. Step #1 of our mission has been completed. We hopefully now have your full attention. After all, what we’re going to say next will need it.

Recently, Newspaper has been facing a problem. A sort of big problem. We have great photographers, videographers, reporters, writers, editors, and advisors–all talented, dedicated, and just plain nice–but there’s still something missing. It’s not the content of the website, and it’s not the hard work put into it. It’s certainly not spirit or drive.

It’s publicity.

That’s right. OneWoodcreek needs more people to know about it. Right now, stories and articles are posted every week. Pictures and videos are added on a regular basis. Interviews are being held, sometimes outside the school. It requires time, effort, and commitment to keep a newspaper going, especially from our editors and editors-in-chiefs.

Unfortunately, we are still unknown to most of the school. We’d like you to help us change that.

We’re not asking for much. We’d be honored if even one reader took some time to think about the thought and energy being put into the website, the behind-the-scenes action taking place whenever there’s a meeting, the communicating the staff must do to make OneWoodcreek a thing…

We’d be grateful if someone helped us spread the word that, YES, the school has a newspaper; that YES, there’s interesting stuff in it; that YES, we will always welcome new readers and new staff members.

Remember, we’d be happy if even one reader did that.

Will you be that reader?

***Extra Info: The Woodcreek Newspaper Staff meets on R&D Days (usually Monday) after school in room . 122

***Contact Editor-in-Chiefs Alyssa Shook and Kylie Paso at [email protected] for more info regarding OneWoodcreek.