Highlight of the holidays

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Highlight of the holidays

Aminah Gutierrez, Newbie Reporter

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According to a recent study, over 9 million kids under the age of 18 in California, 24% of them are living in poverty. This means that there are way too many kids going without the things that they need, much less that they want.


The National Honor Society at Woodcreek High School has recognized this issue and has decided to do something about it. Every year NHS gathers Christmas wish lists from underprivileged schools, and they go and fulfill their wishes. Over 90 students part of this prestigious club participate in making these young kids dreams come true. They not only make sure that every child is taken care of, but they plan this event months in advance and take time to decorate every classroom.

NHS advisor Erin Barth says that the students they help “appreciate that high school students take the time and effort, and they look up to you guys [high school students]”


The students get many gifts that they need and many more that they want, and ultimately for some students, it is the highlight of their holidays.


Senior Alejandro Alfaro has participated in Santa’s helpers in the past and it that it is definitely a rewarding feeling.


He says, “I almost feel guilty for having so much, so I just want to give the kids as much as I can to make their holidays better.”


Santa’s Helpers is the highlight for not only the students who are receiving the gifts, but also to those who gave the gifts.

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