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Skylar Cripe, Journalism Staff Reporter

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Most writers do not want to have average work or keep their skill level the same when they write story after story. Possibly because it’s repetitive or they think they are starting to lose their reader’s interest, but they can improve by collaborating with others. To some writers, producing stories with people different from them is a challenge, but it can broaden one’s perspective on what makes a story good. In the creative writing club at Woodcreek High School, the members work with one another to construct a story with everyone’s input. They all improve and become better writers together and have fun along the way.


Riya Shrestha, a 9th grader at Woodcreek who has been a member of the club since the beginning of the school year, says she likes writing because it is an enjoyable way to express herself and it allows her creativity to flow. She likes working with others who enjoy writing about similar genres because it makes writing more fun. At their most recent meeting, the members were making jokes and laughing while collaborating, making work enjoyable. Shrestha says,


“Writing with other people really helps you flourish as a writer.”


Alejandra Robinson, the president of the creative writing club, joined the club when she was a freshman. She was the only underclassman so when the seniors graduated, she was the only one to take on the role as the club’s president. Robinson says she has liked writing since she was young and knew she wanted to be with other writers to grow. She likes the club because she can explore others’ creations and watch them develop. Her and the other writers in the club have similar interests and characteristics, which she says is important for collab-writing. Robinson states she has flourished as a writer since she joined the club as a freshman compared to her writing now, as a junior, all because of the creative writing club.


The American Association of University Professors has published an article all about collaborating. AAUP says the benefits of collab-writing include mentoring opportunities and increased productivity. Another reason to write with others is because it increases ideation, the process of forming ideas or images, quantity. Though conflict and hurt feelings between the writers is inevitable, collaboration still allows the writers with less knowledge to learn from those they are working with.


Working with other writers who like similar genres and writing styles might help you become a better writer with a more broad point of view. You may see more outside the box and might start to see new perspectives on a story you thought was just one sided. Even if it is difficult or just not your forte, collaborating can make your work much better and you might even have better writing skills than ever before.

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