Beyond our world club: Making a difference


Madison Michaud, Journalism staff reporter

Come to Pacific Street Cafe in old town Roseville (301 Lincoln Street) May 16th to help support Woodcreek High School’s Beyond our World club. They will be serving a meal from 8 am to 12 pm.


Beyond Our World (BOW) Club is committed to raising awareness and support for Generosity Water and Pencils of promise for other countries in need.


Generosity Water is a humanitarian organization that is dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries. Jordan Wagner, the CEO and founder of the company who was inspired to make a difference after visiting Africa in 2008.


Pencils of Promise, another organization BOW club donates towards, is a charity that builds and maintains schools for children that otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive an education. 100% of the donations made are put towards the construction of healthy learning environments for kids who need them.


The BOW club meets on Mondays during lunch in room 429. To learn more about these charities and how to donate visit or .