Dance force takes on Woodcreek High School

Alexa Fernandez, Journalism Staff Reporter

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“We dance to express not impress,”

says Adrian DeGuzman, head of Street Release, a dance club at Woodcreek High school. This club introduces different genres of Hip Hop and Street Dance, including: freestyle, break dancing, krump and many more. Street Release incorporates students from any level of dance, from beginning to advanced. The club was brought up to Adrian by Aaron Newton (sophomore), when asked if he were to start the club. Adrian agreed upon knowing Aaron and his sister, who was a part of Music-n-Motion (Woodcreek’s dance team).

Many of the kids who attend Street Release joined because of their friends and their connections to the club. Some of the members, like Jaden Williams (freshman), joined by accident.

“So I came here [dance studio] looking for Aaron [Pail] and I liked what I saw and all the rest is history,”

commented Jaden. In relation to Jaden, his friend Jordan (a freshman cheerleader) also took it upon herself to join the club as well.

“I joined [Street Release] because I love to dance and I wanted to learn more on how to do it,”

said Jordan. She had only started the club recently and is already getting into the swing of things with guidance from other dancers.

This club offers a variety of moves like the 1-step, the 3-step, and more. When it comes to learning new dance moves, Adrian shows the students what to do step-by-step, and also does it along with the students until they all get it. He also hosts dance battles to spice things up, where students can go against their fellow dancers in a dance-off. Street Release not only teaches dancing for fun, but also participates in dance shows at school as well.

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