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Friends night out, away from romance

Emily Delos Santos, Journalism Staff Reporter

February 17, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Not everyone has a date for the fourteenth of February. Don’t worry, there is an alternative. If you do not want to spend your night looking at loving couples all over the internet showing off their date, you could spend your...

What would you do for love?

Isaiah Harborth, Journalism Staff Reporter

February 17, 2015

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For centuries women around the world have benefited from Valentines day, receiving roses, chocolates, and Various other gifts from their valentines. The misanthropic flower shops and grocery stores that hike up the prices of these...

Valentines Day: then and now

Skylar Joyce Cripe, Journalism Staff Reporter

February 11, 2015

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Valentines day is coming up which got me thinking about how much Valentines day has changed since we were younger. In elementary school, everyone had little boxes and all the kids would go around the room, putting a Valentine...

So You Think You Can Dance

Tanya Torres, Staff Reporter

February 6, 2015

Filed under Featainment, Opinion

Ever heard of the popular television show So You Think You Can Dance? Well our school certainly has. The past couple of years, Woodcreek High School’s dance team (Music-N-Motion) has held a fundraising event in order to raise...

Aurora Royalty

Meghan Eischens, Journalism Staff Reporter

January 26, 2015

Filed under On the Quad, Opinion

On Friday January 23rd Woodcreek finally crowned the winners for 2015 Aurora royalty, and students were satisfied with the winners. “I think that the freshman winners were the right choice, Ryan Perri really is a great guy.”...

Places to eat, Aurora 2015

Ashley Rasina, Staff Reporter

January 22, 2015

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Everyone’s racing to get reservations for dinner the night of Aurora, but where’s the right place to go? Many things can affect where you eat: location, price, type of food, and the people you are with. There are many places...

Superheroes vs Storybook Characters

Riya Shrestha, Journalism Staff Reporter

January 22, 2015

Filed under On the Quad, Opinion

Today at Woodcreek High a feud was ignited between Superheroes and Storybook Characters. Students were asked to dress as their favorite superhero or storybook character, which caused the school to be filled with a variety of...

Christmas Cliches

December 11, 2014