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Secluded: part one

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

March 14, 2017

Filed under Creative Writing

In the heartland of a vast empire called Balva, there exists a little secluded village by the name of Mira. At least, that is what its villagefolk refer to it as, since few travellers trod on the narrow dirt path that wounds ar...

Chocolate Beggars

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

October 30, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

EMMA BOISSE I stare at my ten-year-old sister. In her costume, Kristy looks like a skinny Christmas tree. Wearing a dress adorned with tree ornaments would be okay if it were actually December. But it’s not. The sidewalks are...

The leaf on your shoe

Alyssa Shook, Editor-in-Chief

October 14, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

I am a leaf on a tree, in summer I am strong, but come November, with its bleating cold and rain and welcoming, warm fires, I will be weak and fall from the tree that gave me life. I will tumble across the mountain roads along...

Colors of Music: Chapter 1, A Colorful Step

Zach Calalang, Staff Reporter

October 3, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

“Looks like it’s grey again…” I said I myself as I arrived at school. In my eyes, everything around me was a shade of gray. As I sat down, I felt a jitter. I started to hear enchanting notes from a saxophone. I just shook ...

Truth, lies, and insanity

Helen Huang, Staff Reporter

September 25, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

I don’t know who to hate any more! There’s She-Who-Yells, whose screams and shrieks hurt my ears a thousand times worse than a banshee’s could, pinging off the walls of the house, echoing off, fading, fading, only to start...

To forgive a monster

Helen Huang, Newbie Reporter

September 12, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

They say you can’t be happy unless you can forgive. I say you can’t be happy unless there’s no more need to forgive. After all, forgiveness is useless to a dead person. This is what I repeat to myself over and over ag...

The Cafeteria

Dylan Frasier, Newbie Reporter

September 21, 2015

Filed under Campus Insider, Creative Writing, Freshman, Opinion

“ It’s LAME.”  “It’s MISERABLE.” “It’s TOO LOUD.”   All of these are commonly used descriptions of a Red-Robin on a Friday night…...But they are also pretty darn close to the descriptions of the woo...

A Chocolate Lover’s Fanstasy

Ashley Rasina, Journalism Staff Reporter

January 27, 2015

Filed under Creative Writing, Food

The day has finally arrived. Tuesday, January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day. It’s time to gorge, no regrets. After all, it would be a sin if you didn’t celebrate this holiday. So head to the store, whip out your cooking supplies...

The Re-tellings of Black Friday from a Black Friday Survivor

Karla Tibbetts, Editor-In-Chief

December 19, 2014

Filed under Creative Writing

You are in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner with a  family that surrounds you around the table as your loud-mouth aunt announces her views on the girl her son is dating, whom she doesn't like, your stressed-out-of-her-mind mother ...

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