Final Freak-outs: How to Avoid Them

Madison Bozzo, Director Of Photography, Editor-In-Cheif

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Finals? Wait, Finals? But… We just had Midterms!

Finals week is nearing, and just like last term, it feels as if it has approached too quickly. August 9th was about four months ago, meaning four months worth of material to study for four classes. Accompanying Finals are meltdowns and “freak-outs”. To keep us away from breaking down while studying, or worse, during the test, here is some advice:

Organize your test materials.
According to The Princeton Review, packing a bag the night before will not only help during the test, but also relieve those nerves hinting you forgot something. “Knowing you have everything you might possibly need will make you feel confident” during Finals. This means organizing your backpack, or ditching it for a smaller bag with extra pens, pencils, batteries for your calculator, and paper. Don’t forget to include a water bottle and a snack in that bag for in between both exams.

Rest well the night before.
Everyone has heard this piece of advice, but ignore it and decide to cram instead. However, sleep is among the most important test taking tips. In Time Magazine, sleep is said to be crucial for test taking. Exams are testing your knowledge, and “Our brains are at their best when they are rested.” It May be hard to stop worrying about the next day and actually go to sleep. Some say to lay down, tense up, then relax, starting in the toes and ending in the neck and shoulders.

Eat a healthy breakfast.
Although they may lighten your mood on any other day, rainbow sprinkle pop tarts are not a good start to the day of Finals. Foods that can maximize your test taking skills, as stated by, are oily fish, eggs, dark leafy greens, peanut butter, and fresh fruit. These foods are noted as “brain-fueling foods” and will boost your energy, focus, and alertness on the day of the exams.

Finals week is never fun (except for the minimum days), but it is always good to prepare for the exams in order to make them easier and the week pass smoothly. By following these few pieces of advice, we can enter the classroom with confidence and a focused mind. Let’s ace these midterms, Woodcreek!

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Final Freak-outs: How to Avoid Them