THEN: WHS ditches Integrated Math 1

Originally Printed year: 2001 by, Marie Conner

Marie Conner

“Out with the old and in with the new.” This year a decision was made by the district to throw out the old integrated math series and put in place of it regular math classes such as algebra,geometry,and trigonometry.

Starting this year the math department is going to phase out the integrated series so that next year there will only be integrated math two and three.

“The students who have already started on the integrated series will finish,” said Chris Branson, head of the math department.

Next year’s freshman will be one of the first classes at Woodcreek to go through their high school math career with the new series.

The new books were purchased before the school year started. A great bonus to having these new books is that they include curriculum needed to pass the exit exam and the SAT 9.Therefore the new classes will automatically prepare the students for these tests.

“We can’t keep the same books forever,” commented Branson.

Most of the math teachers are optimistic about the new math books and classes.Among these is Aaron Weidkamp who confirmed that the new books, “Are a lot better.”

The school has known for a while that they needed to get new books, it was just a matter of finding a good series and implementing it at the right time. Recently a group of core teachers got together to find the best book possible for a good price.