NOW: The Old and the New Track

Emily Delos, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

New spring Woodcreek High may host their first big meet on the new track by hosting a sprint relay meet including a variety of different schools from around the area.

The meet will include the 4×100 meter relay, the 4×200 meter relay, the 4×400 meter relay, the hurdle shuttle and the sprint medley. This news has excited both track and field Coach Roosevelt Kent and the athletes.

“I think it would be nice that since we have a new track that we would have an invitational,” said junior Jonathan Meacham. Not only will it be the first big meet on the new track, but it will be the first meet under the stadium lights.

“They’re excited,” said Kent. “It’s their first meet under the lights other than the Nevada Union meet for varsity.”

There is also a possibility of having an open 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and 400 meter dash in between the relay events to give the high school athletes a break since there will only be five events.

Unfortunately, there is a very strong possibility that this meet may not happen, since the long jump and triple jump area may not be ready in time, and neither will the shot put area.

If the pits are not completed by Friday, April 21 (the scheduled dated for the meet), the meet will have to be canceled since Woodcreek cannot host a meet until the track is complete. Even if the track is finished by then, there needs to be enough teams willing to come in order to host the meet.

Many people are hoping that everything will go as planned. “[Kent] made it sound like [the meet] would be a good idea and he really wants to do it,” said junior T.J. Gibson.

Hosting the meet would be beneficial for Woodcreek in many ways. Our school is now equal with other schools in the district, like Oakmont and Granite Bay– who have both received all-weather tracks in the last few years.


The all-weather track will do just what the name implies, the Timberwolves will be able to train on the track at any time, no matter what the weather, without worrying about injury or damage to the track itself. Not only will it help the athletes to be able to train on such a nice track, but it will prepare them better for larger meets, which are always held on rubber tracks.

“I think that it would be good for our community and a good way to promote track for Woodcreek in general,” said senior Ashley Van Hoey. The meet will not only draw attention to the track and field program, but will serve a fundraiser for the track program as well.

This invitational is not the only meet that Kent is planning to host on the brand new track. The Sierra Foothill League trials and finals are expected to be held at Woodcreek as well, since we now own the newest track in the league

In addition to the two championship meets, Woodcreek is scheduled to host four out of seven dual meets in the league, which allows for plenty of spectators to come out and enjoy the improvement and performance of our Timberwolves on the brand new facility.

With renewed excitement and curiosity from the community, support and interest have both grown for all the teams making use of the field, in hopes that the new track and field have inspired athletes to do their best. This exciting addition to the school has given hope to the track program, and with a past history of success, Kent is expected to continue the legacy in the upcoming season.