THEN: Girls volleyball fulfills hopes: takes third at Reno

Originally Printed: October 12, 2004 by, Zach Shinero

Zach Shinero

Girls volleyball fulfills hopes: takes third at Reno

The girls varsity volleyball team continued their journey toward becoming league champions at two tournaments held over the past couple of weeks.

In Reno, Nevada on Sept. 10-11 and in the Sheldon Invitational on Sept. 25, the team placed very well.

The girls placed third in the King Division, which places them thirteenth highest overall.

“We did better than we hoped” said Elena Corin, senior.

“This is the highest that Woodcreek has ever been at Reno.”

Even though they lost the first three games at Reno, they came back to win four straight and lost one ending in third place.

The girls team also won silver in the Sheldon Invitational.

“We did really good in the tournament and we are going to be a good season because everybody loves to play” said sophomore Kelly Black.

Now that the girls know they can play well, hopes are high.

“We can work good as a team and we can read each other very well and that is what will carry us this season,” Black said.

As the season rolls up with two strong finishes behind them, the girls have nowhere to look but up.

Later on, the girls win the SFl championships for the 2005 season.