Kelly Jew, the inside look at this years boys volleyball team


Michaela Rappa , Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

Many people think volleyball is just a girl sport, but if you look around here at Woodcreek, it really isn’t. Boys volleyball has been a part of Woodcreek sports for 20 years,and is going strong! They might seem like they haven’t had the best record in the past, we got an inside look on the team this year.

In an interview with Kelly Jew, (a junior on varsity) he states that this year they have done better than years past, and have a pretty good chance of making it to playoffs.

The boys travel just about as much as the girls team does, with the exception of some smaller tournaments the JV boys participate in. The varsity teams travels to Chico for a round of fun tough competition. This tournament is towards the beginning of the season, and is a pretty good determining factor on how well they will do the rest of the season.

“We did okay, we got second in our bracket, And went two and two, and could have done better but we did fairly well I would say.” Kelly expresses.

Now, about three fourths of the way into their season, the team still hopes to make it to playoffs and make volleyball history.

Being a competitive volleyball player outside of school, Kelly is actually coached by his dad during the school season. Kelly says having his dad as his coach has its ups and downs, because he always feels like he is getting coached all the time, and specifically picked on. Although overall he enjoys it.

Come on out to the gym on a Tuesday or Thursday night to catch a fun match of boys volleyball! The more people, the more fans, the better chance of making it to playoffs! See you there!