THEN: Student Survives Shooting incident in South Sac

Originally Printed: 2003 by Zaki Syed

Zaki Syed

While trying to protect his uncle and stop a robber from getting away with robbing his family’s store, junior Fares Shehadah was shot on the right side of his chest.

On a Saturday evening on Dec. 13, 2003, Shehadah was just “chillin”, as he put it at his friends house. It was not to far from his family-owned grocery store, J&R groceries, located in South Sacramento by Arden Mall.

All of a sudden his uncle came in and started screaming, “call the cops, call the cops.”Shehadah went outside to see what was going on. To his surprise he saw a guy about 6 ft tall running in a mask.

” I saw a dude running, I started running after him saying “come back, come back” said Shehadah. It was at this point the robber turned around and shot Shehadah.

“Where the bullet hit me and my flesh, it felt like it was on fire,” said Shehadah. “I was holding my chest in pain. I staggered a little, turned around to walk back to the store and I collapsed.”

A big crowd gathered around Shehadah saying that he was injured and the police soon arrived to question him. The ambulance arrived just in time and frantically rushed Shehadah to the hospital. The bullet had gone through his chest and out the back. A team of expert doctors performed emergency surgery on Shehadah in which they took his kidney out to save his life.

“I thought I was going to die. I saw life flash right before my eyes. It was scary,” said Shehadah.

He wasn’t the only one in the store that was scared. Shehadah said his eleven year old brother saw the whole thing and was in tears, along with their parents who were traumatized by the fact that their son might have died.

Shehadah said that at first he was angry knowing that he could of died because of something so stupid, but the experience made him a better person. “When you are seventeen you don’t think about dying, but I think I am alive today for a reason,” said Shehadah.

He also had a message to send out to other people. “You don’t want to get shot, some people think it’s cool. But I could have died,” he said. The family knows firsthand how such an event can affect your life because another robber shot Shehadah’s father in the past.