NOW: Integrated Math 1 is back!


Julia Boal, Journalism 1 Staff Reporter

Out with the old in with the new. This was the case in 2001, when the math department decidedto get rid of integrated one.

“The state testing (STAR) became a bigger measure of student success for all our students. This was a primary reason for choosing to change back to a more traditional mathematics course sequence ie Algebra , Geometry, Algebra II.” Mr.Branson, who was head of the math department in 2001, explains why the school decided to stop teaching integrated math.

It’s back! In the spring of 2014, the district decision was made to bring back Integrated Math.

“It was decided that it would be the best curriculum for the Common Core.” Mr. Rogers, head of the math department currently, spoke on the matter. With the implementation of the Common Core,new challenges have arrived. Teachers are struggling to change their teaching style to align with the difficulties the Common Core has brought.

“Common Core is much more application based math, and it is student centered.  It is designed to get the students involved and doing things that will be relevant in their lives.” Said Rogers. Now instead of teach, practice, test; it is do, make mistakes, teach, learn and then test.

This new style of teaching is to improve mathematics achievement in the US. Students were taught how to learn math from their teachers, to now having to figure it out on their own with the guidance of their teacher which makes math more difficult for students.

Katelyn Jensen, a Freshman at Woodcreek, says that Common Core is what makes Integrated Math so difficult. “Because they don’t really teach us, we have to learn it by ourselves.”

Alexa Fernandez, also a Freshman at Woodcreek, adds, “Since they [teachers] can’t guide you through it, they can only tell you what to do and then you’re basically on your own.”

So is Integrated Math going to improve how well the US uses math? Or is it just going to make something already really hard ten times more difficult? This is unknown only time will tell.